The Spell Speakers oleh Day Leitao

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Penulis: Day Leitao
Kategori: Teen Novel
ISBN: 9781775063728
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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He was raised to resist them. Now he has to join them. 

14-year-old Darian was raised in an isolated village in Whyland, among people who resisted the oppression of the King and his army. When his life takes a tragic turn, he ends up living in the King’s castle, forced to train in the military academy, closer to his enemies than he has ever dreamed. His only solace is Cayla, a girl he befriends at the castle, who helps him smile and feel whole again, with whom he slowly falls in love, whose identity he ignores at his own peril. 

But the castle holds more dangers than expected. Darian has to thread carefully if he wants use his position to help Whyland find freedom and remain alive.

Spell Speakers is a coming-of-age fantasy novella introducing characters featured in the series Portals to Whyland

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