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Penulis: Deborah Matheson
Kategori: Travel
ISBN: 9780994523204
Penerbit: Bookbaby
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Backpackers on Wheels is a manual for travel organizing, essentially a “how-to” guide. It is directed at first-time travellers and experienced travellers alike. First-time travellers will benefit from this book by avoiding potholes in organizing their travel. Experienced travellers will benefit from this book by streamlining their travel arrangements and perhaps widening their travel horizons. This book is a practical guide to contemporary travel in a technically connected world. Backpackers on Wheels is peppered with travel anecdotes from the authors who provide practical examples from their travel experience. Organized in a time-line of preparing for travel, there is no requirement to read the book in order. Travellers who want specific advice about a particular topic can simply go directly to that chapter of the book. Backpackers on Wheels is perfectly readable as a hardcopy or in an eBook format. It is neither an onerous read nor a technical manual. Backpackers on Wheels is easy to read with great and useable advice and guidance. Travellers of all ages, experience, and locale will benefit from the advice proffered in Backpackers on Wheels.


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