In the Void of Lies oleh Kirby Roy, III

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Penulis: Kirby Roy, III
ISBN: 9781532315077
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In The Void Of Lies, is a riveting tale of infidelity and redemption intermingled against the passage of the Health Care Bill. The action begins with Justin Powell applying for a job with Senator Fitzgerald. The Senator is in the midst of trying to pass the health care bill but is being blackmailed over his illegitimate son. For her part, Justin’s wife Tyra is trying to cover a similar secret. So as Senator Fitzgerald tries to make closed door deals to pass his legislation, the excitement comes to a boil as his wife confronts his lies while Justin and Tyra try to decide on the outcome of their marriage. And in a dramatic conclusion almost torn from the latest news headlines, Senator Fitzgerald stands at the Senate podium addressing the nation in an effort to see the health care bill made law. And with that, the tale ends with the truth redeeming all that they were hiding.


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