The Active Seniors Guide to Budget World Travel oleh Rachel S. Imper

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Penulis: Rachel S. Imper
Kategori: Travel
ISBN: 9781543902754
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Retired on a tight budget, but want to travel abroad? This book is for you! Many budget travel guides are written for young backpackers. But senior travelers don’t want to lug around a huge backpack (too hard on aging vertebrae), and they have special needs. They want more comfort, privacy, and quiet than a 20 year-old, but they still need to keep a sharp eye on the budget. Now, seniors who want to travel independently have just the guide they need. Find out how to travel affordably, from a short trip to a round-the-world adventure. This book will show you how to: • Prepare effectively with tips on everything from handling passports, visas, and insurance to managing banking, mail, and renting your home. • Stay healthy. Learn about filling prescriptions, locating a doctor, lab, or dialysis facility, or even finding incontinence supplies abroad. • Gain valuable resources to travel smarter. Find discounts and senior-friendly car rentals. The author of The Active Seniors Guide to Budget World Travel, Rachel S. Imper, and her husband, Kevin, have lived abroad and have traveled extensively both before and after retirement. With their advice and helpful resources, you can too. It’s time to make your travel dreams come true! Get this guide today!


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