You Saved Me Once oleh Amelia E. S.

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Penulis: Amelia E. S.
Kategori: General Novel
ISBN: 9781540176431
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Loving someone can make you so fucking happy, and make you cry at the same time. It can ruin you, if you let it consume you. But, what if there's no other way, what if it's destined. Written in the cold air, in the pouring rain, in the waves. What if it's meant to be, no matter what? You save each other, by destroying one another.

Even if it's forbidden? What would you do?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.

I'm Alex Richards, a senior in high school. I live in Versa, a small town in WA. It's tucked away from the outside world, it's on a coast, it's beautiful. So is this story, it's beautifully tragic.

You're about to dive into some serious fucking heartbreak, are you ready?

The YSMO series contains graphic content that to some degree could be trigger warnings for some individuals. There are minimal implicated sexual assault parts in the book. There's also eating disorders, and heavy drug and substance abuse throughout as well.


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