I Think I Should Not Think oleh Dr. Farvardin Daliri

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Kategori: Motivation , Religion
ISBN: 9781925171914
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Yes, you can stop following your involuntary thoughts and instead focus on what you choose to think about. This book provides practical tools for mind control and stress management. You will become aware of your true and unlimited powers when you use your mind instead of being driven by your emotional impulse and subconscious processes. At the heart of all human endeavours, dreams, hopes and suffering, there are some unresolved questions. At best, these remain unanswered and at the worst, they present conflicting and confusing truths. Who am I? Am I a mind and body operation? Or am I a reality beyond the physics of my being; a consciousness? Who has the answers, science or religion? Who is running my life? Is it my free will or a predetermined destiny? Who made me? Who created the universe in which I exist? Was it God or the big bang and natural selection of the evolutionary process? I attempt in this book to take readers on a journey in search of answers to these questions, and with the hope of finding reliable and true happiness. At the book’s conclusion, new insights, comprehension and realizations may emerge. The author does not claim to answer these questions with knowledge, but rather to bring forth intuitive powers and awareness latent within each reader. Therefore the journey is more about self-awareness and discovery. It is about what you already know rather than learning more objective information about the truth. This book is more like a tool for remembering and living out our true selves and discovering the source of knowledge within. In this journey of self-awareness, the travellers (readers) may be challenged with many rising questions. However, the manner in which the reader is introduced to these questions may also inspire their ability to discover the answers.


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