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This three-book series will keep you on a gripping thrill ride.

Agent Red: Fatal Justice Teagan Stone Book 4
Teagan Stone is out of options and quickly running out of time. She must find the creator of America’s most sought-after device to save America from a potential attack. But devious Russian forces with deep pockets are impenetrable.

The seasoned spy will stop at nothing to find the creator, bring his kidnappers to justice, and prevent a bombing—even if it means she has to risk her life.

She refuses to let evildoers take innocent lives. Not on her watch.

Agent Red: Fatal Enemy Teagan Stone Book 5
Enemies come in all forms, and Teagan Stone is ready for battle, not thinking of the consequences for going to war with her ultimate rival. Can she turn back the clock or will this lead her to nally leave The Firm before it destroys her from within?

Agent Red: Fatal Death Teagan Stone Book 6
Teagan Stone has walked a fine line between life and death. This time, she’s come across an enemy that doesn’t care if she’s the most trained killer or not. They only want one thing, and that’s to see Agent Red brought to her knees. In a race against time, she will have to make the ultimate decision. Will she be able to save someone close to her or put the country she gave the oath to protect before her happiness?

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