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Wim’s beloved wife, Lili, lies deep in a coma. Watching over her in the ICU, Wim looks back on his life. He is afraid of losing the love of his life, and comes to realize what an amazing journey they have shared together. They led a charmed life, and only now, standing on the precipice of unbearable loss, has he come to fully appreciate what they had. The beautiful memories of their life together now wash over him in unrelenting waves. As the movie of their life plays out in his mind, Wim realizes the power of love. He had struggled up from humble beginnings to achieve a comfortable life. Then fate brought him together with an extraordinary woman, who gave him a beautiful family, and stood by him till the end. Now that Wim faces the inevitable good-bye, he becomes convinced that his wife is sending him messages from deep in her coma.

Based on a true story of Gondowijoyo or Wim, Light from the Heart has touched the lives of thousands of readers. It is a story of the sustaining power of love. A heartwarming reminder that when the constant struggle of life seems unbearable, love is there to give us strength. Love is light from the heart…a luminous light, the most vital force in the universe.

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