It Takes Two - A Quest for Balance in Marriage and Relationships oleh Francis Bob Alonge

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Kategori: Family & Health
ISBN: 9781483521435
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This is a book about love. It is a book about making marriage work, a book about creating an environment that guarantees the fulfillment of both parties in a marriage union. It explores why societies and cultures have found it difficult to achieve true balance between the roles and responsibilities of both genders in a marriage union. The premise of this book is based on the fact that the cultures of this world are extremely diverse. The differences in beliefs, methodology, preferences and even our basic sociology are profuse. As copious as our disparity may be, one thing can be seen in every culture, the imbalance between the genders in marriage. The domination and suppression of women is universal. The other extreme is a liberation ideology that destroys the very foundations that make love flourish and marriages healthy. This is a book about love. It is about creating an environment in a home where love can truly flourish. It is about making marriage and relationships work. Francis Bob Alonge paints a vivid picture in this book, of the kind of love we all crave for but yet only few ever dare to pursue. He introduces God's idea of balance between the genders, with illustrations and stories that cut through the usual mindsets. He presents a fresh paradigm that is actually achievable if we embrace it. Francis Bob Alonge presents a practical template that is built upon deep spiritual truths that will help to achieve a home or a relationship where everybody is somebody and where the deepest needs are met The book is practical and easy to apply in everyday life. It approaches the solutions proffered from the perspective of a Judeo-Christian world view. It's simple and easy to understand illustrations cut through the usual arguments and mindsets that makes it hard for change to happen and it presents a new paradigm for marriage and relationships.


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