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The book, Business Risk Factors Evaluation & Guidelines for Entrepreneurs’ is an essential book that would help Entrepreneurs to carry out effective business engagement practices. Entrepreneurs are in the best position to assess the risk factors facing their businesses. Not only does the book help Entrepreneurs keep an eye on the forces affecting any existing investment; the book also show Entrepreneurs where they could be spending more and where less. It help Entrepreneurs identify risky people and risky clients and enables them to align their business engagements practices with international Business Engagements Best Practices. The book has further advantages such as mergers and acquisitions or leverage buyout. Every portion shares a common but various business format. This allows Entrepreneurs to obtain, the information they need from their clients very quickly. McDavis Associates was established in 1999 with stable Board with men of high Integrity. Apart from being key player in Human Capital, Legal Practitioners and Property Development Consulting, it offers services in Risk Management, Business Reengineering, Investment portfolio management; simple and bureaucracy free processing of professional services. McDavis Associates enjoys the patronage of clients spanning all the major industries and has honoured its professional practice commitments and has earned its reputation of excellence in consultancy.


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