Rabboni, My Love A Memoir of Jesus' Wife, Mary Magdalene oleh June Kerr

Rabboni, My Love A Memoir of Jesus' Wife, Mary Magdalene by June Kerr from  in  category
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Penulis: June Kerr
ISBN: 9781624880315
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How does forgiveness move Jesus Christ and his wife Mary Magdalene through the greatest love story of all time? Forgiveness is one of the greatest forms of love, as Mary learns in Rabboni, My Love. Jesus' message of forgiveness takes on heightened meaning through this story of his marriage to Mary Magdalene. In Rabboni, My Love, Jesus demonstrates how forgiving our enemies can lead us closer to God and to our purpose on earth, as he and his wife Mary learn. Building upon the latest scholarship, Kerr has filled in many of the missing pieces of the gospels, creating scenarios as autobiographical moments in Jesus' life that help to explain the sources behind his parables and ministry and the complicated political, religious, and family relationships of the people in his life. But most importantly, readers are offered the stunning portrait of a very real man who believed in love and a loving God, who was willing to lay down his life for his friend, and who continued striving for what was right and good when those around him could not understand his real purpose as a Messiah. An interview with the author at the end of the novel adds insight into Kerr's fascinating reasons for writing this stunning debut novel. Readers will not only find Rabboni, My Love to be an unforgettable love story and inspiration, but they will come away stronger in their faith and their belief that miracles can happen.


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