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Penulis: Tom Alt
ISBN: 9781935766209
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8-Track Flashbacks is a collection of amusing stories based on the life of an adolescent boy growing up in the 1960s. It transports boomers back to their youth through music, historical events, and the all-too-familiar teenage indiscretions that shaped us all. Each one of us has our favorite decade from our past, and author Tom Alt reveals his story about growing up and getting out of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin in the 1960s -- a decade of causes from civil rights to the anti-war movement to making love, not war. Tom’s personal cause, the pursuit of balls, babes, and beer, offers the reader a glimpse into the hilarious high jinks of this boy’s adolescence. Share his adventures as he searches for his place in the world while surviving the stupidity of his youth.


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